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Hi, my name is Matt.

There are three ways to get in touch with me:

1. Comment on any article. Pertinent, on-topic comments are appreciated moreso that others, but go ahead and ramble. I know I do.
2. Send me an email; the address is easy to remember: matt at rocketbomber dot com
3. Start bad-mouthing me and my posts and my blog (and maybe my personal habits and hygiene) on your web site, and so long as you include some links back to RocketBomber, either Technorati or Google will let me know about it. There are no guarantees I’ll respond (in fact, it’s unlikely-to-impossible that I’d take that bait) but this is still a legitimate way to get my attention. And the publicity never hurts.

If you are a publisher and would like to submit books or DVDs for review, please send me an email first and I will promptly provide a mailing address. (I’d just post it here, but that’s a mite too public for my shy and retiring nature)
—Obviously I like manga, and so does the majority of my readership (they have to, really, because I can’t seem to shut up about it) but the [intended] scope of this blog and of my personal interests are both much broader — if you’ve read my mission statement and think your product fits, then ask me about it in an email and odds are I’ll bite.

If you are interested in contributing to RocketBomber…

then take some initiative.

you’ll figure it out.

Yes, all the links are broken.

On June 1, 2015 (after 6 years and 11 months) I needed to relaunch/restart this blog, or at least rekindle my interest in maintaining and updating it.

Rather than delete and discard the whole thing, I instead moved the blog -- database, cms, files, archives, and all -- to this subdomain. When you encounter broken links (and you will encounter broken links) just change the URL in the address bar from to

I know this is inconvenient, and for that I apologise. In addition to breaking tens of thousands of links, this also adversely affects the blog visibility on search engines -- but that, I'm willing to live with. Between the Wayback Machine at and my own half-hearted preservation efforts (which you are currently reading) I feel nothing has been lost, though you may have to dig a bit harder for it.

As always, thank you for reading. Writing version 1.0 of Rocket Bomber was a blast. For those that would like to follow me on the 2.0 - I'll see you back on the main site.



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